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Online financial and tax advisor in Spain

Tax advisor

Our tax advisor is quick and professional. You can ask any kind of question no matter the level of difficulty and you will receive an immediate response within 10 minutes maximum. Many non-residents, expats and companies in Spain use Serapeum. Any doubts you may have on taxation, VAT, tax revenue, and deductions will be rapidly solved.

By using a natural tone of language you will obtain your answers in a way that anyone can understand it, with multiple legal terms incase you need to use them professionally. You can listen to or read the answers and later save, print etc.

Plans & Pricing

  • TaxBreak

    40€ Yearly

    • 5 consultation/month
    • free weekly newsletter
  • TaxBreak PLUS

    100€ Yearly

    • 15 consultation/month
    • free weekly newsletter
  • EasyTax

    From 5€

    • Pay as you go tax advisory
    • Buy just the consultations you need


A team of leading experts and professors in their fields.

Online Tax Advice

The answers to your private/confidential consultations are delivered in 10 minutes (office hours) or 1 hour (outside office hours).


Only you and your agent have access to your queries. Each agent signs a confidentiality document.

Who is this for?

For individuals or small businesses located in Spain or businessess involved with Spanish companies.

Our cutting-edge tools are designed to help you to find the right answer for your enquiries ranging from property taxes to everything necessary to engage in business activities with Spanish companies.Our services are personalised to help you manage your financial activities in Spain.

Non-Residents (Expats) Income Tax

  • Issues highlighted
  • Residence issues
  • Non-Residents (Expats) without a permanent establishment
  • Non-Residents (Expats) permanent establishment
  • Special assessment on property

Non-Residents (Expats) Value Added Tax

  • Non-Residents (Expats) procedure of VAT refund applications
  • Taxation of Electronic Commerce in VAT
  • Value added tax

Individual Citizens

  • Income tax
  • Minimum tax, income tax reductions and deductions
  • Home
  • Income tax withholdings

Self-employed Persons

  • Income tax
  • News
  • Income from business activities
  • Obligations as a retainer
  • VAT
  • Information returns and annual VAT Summary Declaration
  • Census, ID and adress tax
  • Accounting and registration obligations


  • Corporate and Income Tax for Non-Residents
  • News
  • Corporate tax instalments
  • Obligations as a retainer
  • Entities under an income allocation
  • VAT
  • Information returns and annual VAT Summary Declaration
  • Census, ID and adress tax
  • Business tax
  • Accounting and registration obligations

Tax consultations

We have at your disposal a great variety of real example queries that show the ease of use of Serapeum Expert System and the reliability of its answers.

Examples of actual consultations

DGT binding consultations

Serapeum is not only an expert in Spanish taxation, but has an excellent understanding of the local business world, and is very well connected. It is diligent, truly knows what it is doing and gets things done.

Serapeum Expert System Guarantees and Pledges

100% Reliability Guarantee

All the precision and speed of the expert system coupled with professional experience.

Serapeum Expert System

An Expert system solves problems that are normally solved by human experts. We believe SERAPEUM is even better in...
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100% Security Guarantee

Your data is protected, as well as your inquiries, and we promise to keep them confidential.