Why Serapeum?

Founded in 300 BC. by Ptolemy, SERAPEUM was a monumental sanctuary that was part of the historic library of Alexandria. Of beautiful architecture, immediately impressed by the ease of access to the general public to the most relevant texts of humanity.

With the same enthusiasm, with the same perfection and ease of access to that historical library's knowledge, in collaboration with a group of enthusiastic programming friends, Serapeum Expert System was born to facilitate one of the most unpleasant tasks: Taxes.

We thought of developing a system that was easy, intuitive and accessible to anyone, and this is what we achieved:

An "expert or intelligent" online service, nourished by the extensive experience accumulated by different professionals in tax/tax matters, which through an intelligent program based on multiple mathematical algorithms, analyzes and identifies the key problems of your questions, being able to provide the best possible and effective response to your consultation with the tax regulations on which it is based within a period of no more than 10 minutes.


Foto de Josep Navarro Sauleda

Josep Navarro Sauleda

Marking the target. Leading the way.

Josep is our project manager and has been working on this project for about two years. He is also the Supervisor for Account Executives.

Foto de Daniel Gil Gonzalez

Daniel Gil Gonzalez

Wax on,wax off. Solving obstacles.

Is our System Administrator. He is a valued member of this project, who brings in a great deal of enthusiasm and a high capacity for work. These characteristics make him the ideal person for this project. He is also Maintenance Team Supervisor.

Foto de Josep Bataller

Josep Bataller

360º to all. Brainstorming Non-Stop

Is Prnd user experience. An IT trainer and multimedia technician who has brought his development experience to the project for the last 10 years.

Foto de Francisco López Mallo

Francisco López Mallo

Adapting to legality. Creating confidence

Head of law department of Serapeum Expert System.


Foto de Gemma Navarro Sauleda

Gemma Navarro Sauleda

Lawyer of the Generalitat

Degree in law by the UB

Foto de José Miguel Martinez Carrasco Pignatelli

José Miguel Martinez Carrasco Pignatelli

Tax lawyer

Professor of the University by opposition of the Autonomous University of Barcelona UAB in the Faculty of Economics and Business and in the Faculty of Law. Department of Public Law Historical-Legal Sciences. Financial and Tax Law Area.

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