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If you search for a tax advisor online Serapeum Expert System is the solution you need.You can make your tax inquiry online every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours. You will get a reply within 10 minutes.

A good tax advisor makes the tax fee, or the money pay by the taxpayer because of the tax,be minimum, therefore it is essential to know the General tax law, laws and tax regulations, and interpret queries of the DGT.

Serapeum Expert System has that data bank, and algorithms based on artificial intelligence,enabling understanding your question, process all the possible options and product that fits best to your particular need.

This what we strive to do with income tax, wealth tax, corporation tax, VAT,capital gains, inheritance, donations, exports and imports, conveyances, documented legal acts, tax special, non residents, IBI, economic activities, and other local taxes.

Serapeum Expert System answers all tax queries you may have, regardless of the degree of knowledge in taxes or legality.Tax query can be formulated in your own words and in a short period of time Serapeum Expert System will answer you.

VAT was not required on my invoices to the Dutch company

I'm doing some work for a client in the Netherlands. Partly from home and partly at their office in the Netherlands. It is my understanding that I should not invoice VAT to this client. I have...

Corporation Spanish tax resident

My corporation is tax resident in Spain. Must i pay IRNR?

I am Spanish Tax resident. Must I pay IRNR?

I am Spanish Tax resident. Must I pay IRNR?

Tax return

Who is obliged to make a tax return?