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black list

List of EU tax havens

Thu, December 21

The first European black list of tax havensOn Tuesday 5 December, the ministers of economy and finance of the European Union (EU) will have to take action and adopt the first European black list of...


Bitcoins in the tax return

Thu, December 21

Investments in bitcoins are taxed:An investor who through a broker has been carrying out operations with cryptomoney coins during the fiscal year 2017 and has obtained profits must incorporate them...

EU flag

VAT fraud is double what the Tax Agency claims

Mon, October 30

Commission says VAT fraud is twice as high as that recognised by the tax authorities"Although VAT revenue collection shows signs of improvement, the missing amounts are still unacceptably high,"said...

Cataluña comarcas

About the economic viability of an independent Catalonia

Sat, October 28

Opinion of several Nobel Prizes in economics about the economic viability of an independent CataloniaThe independence of Catalonia can take place in a scenario of agreement with the Spanish State or...


Companies remaining Catalonia

Sat, October 14

According to the EU, Catalonia is an industrial-based country, which has an open, competitive and sustainable economy, combining talent, creativity, a diversified business fabric and its own system...

Esquema de nodos

Artificial intelligence with the tax advisor

Wed, September 27

In the previous article we referred to the possibilities of artificial intelligence applied to the legal industry. In this we will focus on the possibilities already available to us in the area of...

Desktop says artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the legal sector

Tue, September 26

The speed of Artificial Intelligence (IA) is just beginning to gain strength in terms of its use by lawyers and within the legal industry. What is the impact of this technology on the legal...

bandera unión Europea

VAT will increase sooner rather than later

Tue, September 05

Spain's dependence on Brussels should be evident after the crisis. Therefore, it is not surprising to think that, no matter what our Minister of Economy says, his recommendations will be heeded later...

Laptop conectado al mundo

Four Reasons to Oppose Rules on Digital Commerce in the WTO

Mon, August 28

1.- E-commerce proposals would promote greater inequality by reducing real competition and promoting monopolistic and oligopolistic behavior.  “Is it Time to Break Up Google?” Jonathan Taplin...

Vat management based on SII

SII, VAT management system based on Immediate Supply of Information

Sat, August 26

The Tax Agency introduces a new VAT management system based on Immediate Supply of Information (SII).* Taxpayers subject to the SII (and those choosing to adopt it voluntarily) must send details of...

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