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4 NFT Games Better Than Axie Infinity To Make $100 Per Day

NFT Games

NFTs can be used to represent in-game assets, such as digital parcels of land, that are controlled by the user rather than the game developer.22 NFTs allow assets to be traded on third-party marketplaces without the game developer's permission.23


As the entire crypto world is closely following, NFT games are currently on a serious rise. NFT games will continue to grow in popularity as more people become interested. Through these non-fungible token games, people can enjoy various gaming experiences.

In today’s article, I’ll introduce you to 3NFT games better than Axie Infinity to make $100 per day.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice. We all know that the crypto market is highly volatile. So, all the financial decisions should be made after doing your wide spectrum research.
I hope you will enjoy reading this.


1.- CryptoKitties

Website: https://www.cryptokitties.co/




CryptoKitties is an Ethereum based blockchain game created by Canadian firm Dapper Labs that allows players to buy, collect, breed and sell virtual cats. It’s one of the first attempts to use blockchain technology for pleasure and leisure.

The game’s popularity in December 2017 clogged the Ethereum network forcing it to achieve an all-time high in the number of transactions and considerably slowing it down. It enables you to collect a variety of cats, which you can then breed to obtain more. There are optional activities such as puzzle-solving that can help you go further in the game.

This game is quite similar to several other NFT in-game games that use a Pokemon-style approach. Because it was the first to introduce the concept of unique digital asset trading and blockchain systems to the general public, it may be regarded as the Godfather of most NFT based titles. However, as media attention rushed to cover CryptoKitties in the new methods, the popularity of the game and the attraction of its participants rapidly declined. In addition, it employs cat charm and market overproduction, making the game unpleasant to many players. Nevertheless, it’s one of the friendliest and best blockchain-based games available.


2.- MIR4


Website: https://mir4global.com/





Consider using Mir4 to play the next epic MMO role-playing game. It’ll be formally launched in 170 countries on august 26, 2021. This popular play to earn MMORPG game is available for download on the steam Galaxy Store for Windows, Android and IOS mobile platforms, and it supports 12 languages. The in-game token will be Draco.

MIR4 players will be able to admire the incredible beauty and elegance of the orient while utilizing the game’s unique unlimited looting mechanic. Players will have 30 seconds to claim what is rightfully theirs. In addition, the fraud detection technology of MIR4 lets you trade items safely and recruit the assistance of ghosts who will accompany you on your excursions.

There will also be daily events to commemorate the debut—rewarding gamers with significant in-game content. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter!


3.- God’s Unchained

Website: https://godsunchained.com/





God’s Unchained is an online strategic trading card game with a pay to win concept. Its trade cards are non-fungible tokens, NFTs having a real-world value dependent on their original God’s token. God’s Unchained is a new effort into blockchain and cryptocurrency in the game business. It’s a free online trading card game that is comparable to magic in the gathering arena. The computer game Gods Unchained bills itself as a trading card game that pays to play. It is upending the traditional model of gaming commerce in which gamers buy the game along with in-game stuff that they’ll never be able to sell.

Players will earn the local God’s token, which will serve as a payment option in the game. Rare cards have a distinct real-world worth since they may be sold for Gods, which can then be converted to fiat money. This paradigm incentivizes participants to participate since they control entirely the valuable goods they collect over time.


4.- Idle Mystic

Website: https://www.idlemystic.io/




Idle Mystic is essentially a multiplayer play to earn strategic incremental role-playing game (RPG) that blends idol with clicking. The game begins with players selecting their preferred characters, heroes or formations, followed by violent fights. The battles is direct combat incorporates traditional turn-based game styles. The game was released on August 26 2021.

Idle Mystics is a multiplayer strategic incremental RPG game that combines passive and interactive elements. Before the fight, players must focus on hero selection, and formations and basic combat will blend conventional turn-based game genres. Players can utilize hundreds of formations, tactics, and numerical changes to win prizes based on appearances and talents.

Late in September 2021, their in-game token IMT will be available for the first time on decentralized markets. And they plan to publish it on other platforms in the fourth quarter of 2021 to reward players that sign up for Idle Mystic. Gamers will receive ten inactive IMT tokens as a reward if their friends sign up through the referral link. On the other hand, referrals will be rewarded with five static IMT tokens.


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