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Tax Deductions

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Reduction in Corporate TAX of Software development based on AI

Thu, November 29

Reduction in Spanish Corporate TAX of Software development based on AI  Analyzed Modalities: The creation of procedures developed in computer technology (software) is analyzed for its...


Spanish income tax 2018 untaxed income part two

Mon, April 02

Not all income is included in the 2018 tax return. In this list there are some of them:Income from workDSA and travel subsistence allowances under the conditions and within the limits laid down by...


Personal Income Tax Return Declaration exemptions 2018 firts part

Fri, March 30

Exemption for income received from work done abroadIncome from work actually performed abroad is exempt from tax, subject to the following requirements:That such work be carried out for a company or...

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IRPF deduction of legal defense expenses

Wed, February 28

Legal expenses have been paid in one year, which have been deducted as expenses in the determination of net work performance in the income tax return for that year. However, the litigation in respect...

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The tax reform in Spain introduces significant changes as of 2015

Tue, February 09

The tax reform in Spain introduces significant changes as of 2015 On November 28, 2014, the tax reform which had been negotiated over the previous months in Spain was approved. As a result,...

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Spanish income tax rates 2015

Mon, December 28

RATES AND ALLOWANCES FOR SPANISH RESIDENT INCOME TAX Spanish resident tax returns declaring income received in the 2015 calendar year will be submitted during May and June 2016. The deadline for...

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Spain’s Tax Reforms 2014

Wed, December 17

Income taxThe general income tax scale rates and bands will be modified. The current seven income tax banks will be reduced to five from next year, with tax rates reduced at the same time and again...

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Wed, November 05

MAIN TAX CHANGES INTRODUCED BY LAW 22/2013, dated 23 DECEMBER, ON THE NATIONAL GENERAL BUDGET FOR THE YEAR 2014  Article 62 updates the corrective coefficients of property acquisition ...