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Does the Tax Authority often grant postponements or subdivisions?

Fri, August 26

The grant for postponement or fractioning is a discretionary authority of the Administration. Success depends entirely, on the assessment by the Administration of the situation of lack of tax funds...

Spanish workers sent abroad by their company

Fri, May 20

The employees seeking to acquire the condition of taxpayers of the Non-resident Income Tax as a result of their being sent abroad by their company will be able to communicate to the Administration of...

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The Tax Agency warns of various attempts at fraud (phishing) via technological channels

Wed, April 27

Online: false websites and phishingAttempts at deceipt make reference to supposed tax refunds through mass e-mailings which misappropriate either the identity and image of the Tax Agency or the...

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The Tax Agency investigates the existence of hidden incomes related to filing the Special Tax Return

Fri, November 14

The Tax Agency has begun taxpayer inspections in the framework of an investigation process into hidden incomes related to the extraordinary regularisation opened in the year 2012 through the Special...

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Spain. Limits on cash payments

Tue, February 25

Article 7 of Law 7/2012 of 29th October, on changes in the tributary and budgetary regulation and modification of the financial regulation to increase preventive actions and fight against fraud, sets...