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black list

List of EU tax havens

Thu, December 21

The first European black list of tax havensOn Tuesday 5 December, the ministers of economy and finance of the European Union (EU) will have to take action and adopt the first European black list of...

Tome for taxes

2016 Income Tax: Request for rectification of filed self-assessment tax return

Tue, May 30

As a new feature of the 2016 self assessment option, a new specific section has been included for requesting rectification of self assessments. If the taxpayer selects box 127, rectification request...

Floor Clauses

2016 Income Tax: Taxation of refunds on FLOOR CLAUSES

Tue, May 30

2016 Income Tax: Taxation of refunds on FLOOR CLAUSESA new forty-fourth additional condition is added to Act 35/2006, of 28 November, on Personal Income Tax and the partial modification of acts on...

Deduction for large families

Deduction for large families

Tue, March 07

Beneficiaries: * Taxpayers with the right to the tax-free threshold deduction for descendants or ascendants with disabilities (Articles 58 and 59 of the Personal Income Tax Act, respectively) and...

720 Form

Tax Agency defends sanctions of the 720 Form

Thu, February 23

The Ministry of Finance is willing to maintain the sanctioning regime for the declaration of property abroad (the famous 720 form) despite the Brussels warning. Hacienda is prepared to defend its...

made in Spain

Tax Agency will strengthen the control of large fortunes 2017

Tue, February 21

The Tax Agency will strengthen the control of large fortunes Directives of the Annual Tax Control Plan * Newly created ad hoc computer tools will reinforce inspections of large estates,...

European Flag

the european commission want that spain change the 720 form

Wed, February 15

Taxation: Commission calls on SPAIN to ensure that its rules on foreign-held assets are proportionate The European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Spain today requesting to change its...

Spanish workers sent abroad by their company

Fri, May 20

The employees seeking to acquire the condition of taxpayers of the Non-resident Income Tax as a result of their being sent abroad by their company will be able to communicate to the Administration of...

Tax Agency alert

The Tax Agency warns of various attempts at fraud (phishing) via technological channels

Wed, April 27

Online: false websites and phishingAttempts at deceipt make reference to supposed tax refunds through mass e-mailings which misappropriate either the identity and image of the Tax Agency or the...

Tax agency

The Tax Agency investigates the existence of hidden incomes related to filing the Special Tax Return

Fri, November 14

The Tax Agency has begun taxpayer inspections in the framework of an investigation process into hidden incomes related to the extraordinary regularisation opened in the year 2012 through the Special...

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