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Non-Residents in Spain: Income from leased property

Wed, March 30

The income to be declared will be the whole amount received from the lessee, without deducting any expenses.However, in the case of taxpayers resident in another European Union member state and, from...

Tax reform in Spain

The tax reform in Spain introduces significant changes as of 2015

Tue, February 09

On November 28, 2014, the tax reform which had been negotiated over the previous months in Spain was approved. As a result, becoming effective as of 2015 are a new Corporate Income Tax Law and...

Spanish Taxation

Spanish income tax rates 2015

Mon, December 28

 RATES AND ALLOWANCES FOR SPANISH RESIDENT INCOME TAXIntroductionSpanish resident tax returns declaring income received in the 2015 calendar year will be submitted during May and June 2016. The...



Tue, October 21

Individuals shall be deemed to have their principal  residence in Spain if they meet any of the following conditions:• They spend more than 183 days per calendar year in Spain. Occasional...

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What are the basic features of the special tax on real estate properties for non-resident organisations?

Thu, November 21

Non-resident organisations which are owners or who have real estate assets in Spain are subject to non-resident income tax with a special tax due on 31 December of each year and that must be paid...