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Why do I need it?

Why do I need it?

Solve your tax questions

Solve your tax questions

Start with five easy steps

Start with five easy steps

Am I spanish tax resident? - Example 1

Am I spanish tax resident?

Am I spanish tax resident? - Example 2

Am I spanish tax resident?

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Once my annual subscription is terminated, can I keep record of my questions / answers?

Yes. This service is free for a month. You can renew access to your record of consultations yearly for € 4.99 / year. Our obligation is to delete the data generated by you, in spite that access to data being anonymous.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes, you can expand your plan. You may change your €10.00 plan to a €40.00 or a €100.00 plan per year. Or go from a €40.00 to a €100.00 plan per year according to your needs. You will be required to cover the difference in cost according to the time elapsed since you commenced your original plan. Under no circumstances, will you be allowed to request a reduced consultation plan.

What happens if I use up my questions allocation?

For the sake of quality and speed, our service does not allow users to take unused questions forward from one month to the following. Our fees are designed to balance the number of questions and the quality of our responses. Therefore, users will not be allowed to ask for reimbursements for the non-use or partial use of their questions allocation.

Can my data be made public?

Under no circumstances will anybody, except for our system and yourself, have access to your questions and answers. As you log in with a username, you are anonymous even for us so your privacy is fully protected.

In which language I can do my consulting?

The languages supported are the same in which you can read the contents of the service, that is, English and Spanish.

Can I cancel my plan?

Of course, this is completely up to you. If you decide to cancel your plan, your record of questions and answers will be deleted from our system with no possibility of retrieving it. This voluntary option is completely free of charge.

Are the answers binding?

No, the answers are based on information from: judgments of Courts; binding and merely informative consultations of the Directorate General for Taxes, from Financial and Economic Courts and from the relevant tax legislation. All this information is filtered by our experts to suit your needs better. There are some obvious and straightforward answers to questions like: "What was the general VAT rate in 2011? However, most of your questions involve a high degree of analysis and elaboration so that you get information that you can easily understand and use.

Is the SERAPEUM Expert System reliable?

Yes, for several reasons, the most important are: First: The system’s knowledge is based on the latest information, and its answers are smart. The system is continuously tested, following a very strict protocol. Second: The answers are monitored and approved at two levels: Account Executive and Supervisor.

Do I always get an answer?

No. We might need to contact you back with a question to clarify an issue or to contextualize the answer. This is always done with the purpose of seeking the highest possible quality and usefulness.