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The appeal procedures against acts of the administration

Clarify your doubts by consulting your particular case

4.1. What kinds of appeals may be intervened against the settlements issued by the Administration?
4.2. What is the repositioning appeal?
4.3. What does the economic and administrative claim consist of?
4.4. Is it advisable to bring an administrative appeal or better appeal directly to the Administrative Economic Court?
4.5. What is the appeal before the Central Economic-Administrative Tribunal?
4.6. What is the so - called appeal for review?
4.7. Is a barrister or solicitor required to appeal against the administrative proceedings?
4.8. What is the administrative silence?
4.9. Is the implementation of the administrative act suspended when it is appealed?
4.10. What is the contentious – administrative appeal? What is the procedure to follow in first or single instance?
4.11. Is it possible to appeal the judgments of the High Courts of Justice or the National Court?
4.12. Is it necessary the intervention of a lawyer or solicitor in the appeal for judicial review?
4.13. Is there any specialty on local taxation?