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Is a barrister or solicitor required to appeal against the administrative proceedings?

Clarify your doubts by consulting your particular case

In the administrative appeal (see section 4.1), it is not in any case required the intervention of a solicitor or barrister, which reduces the cost of the resource.

In the field of economic-administrative claims, the intervention of a solicitor is not necessary. However, in some exceptional cases the intervention of a solicitor is required. For your interest, we highlight two cases in which such intervention is necessary:

- When the claimant acts represented by a third party other than his legal representative. Thus, in the event that the claimant is a legal person (e.g. company), only the intervention of a solicitor will be required when the proxy is a mere representative. On the contrary, if the representative is considered as an Administrator, Manager or Director, a lawyer is not required.

- In the special remedies of review or reconsideration (see section 4.6).