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"Autonoma" in Spain

Autónomo Pensando

I'm registered as autonoma in Spain. Besides having clients in Spain whom I invoice with VAT added and IRPF deducted, I also invoice clients who are located in abroad.

What is the correct way to invoice them?


We must distinguish two kinds of operations, exports of services and delivery of community services.

In the first case the bills are exempt from VAT, in the second (operations with members of the European Union), too, but to get to apply this scheme will have to meet two types of obligations:

1.- Intra-community-number operator (N.O.I.): NIF is defined as a community purposes. In case you want to check the veracity of the NOI of other entrepreneurs in Europe, you can do so using the database "VIES". Ordered with the model 036/037

2.- Model 349. Intracommunity operations summary statement: Those who carry out operations how are you must present the model 349, and a summary of intra-Community transactions have been made.


What are the charges for being Autonomo in Spain?

Registering as a self-employed person in Spain counts today with a small initial impulse: the flat rate. A support measure in which the new self-employed person will only have to pay 50 euros per month.

However, many criticize this measure because when this initial aid ends, the monthly cost that the self-employed person must pay will be at least 275 euros per month.


Remember that you can do your taxes online in Spain using an electronic signature, this has become essential.




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