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New release!!! Find out for free whether you’re a fiscal resident in Spain.

Júlia Tax Answer

Find out for free whether you’re a fiscal resident in Spain.


This free type of service is useful for most situations. But remember to consult a professional to be absolutely sure.


Our fiscal advisor is quick and professional. You can ask any kind of question no matter the level of difficulty and you will receive an immediate response within 10 minutes maximum. Many non-residents, expats,  and  companies in Spain use Serapeum. Any doubts you may have on taxation, VAT, tax revenue, and deductions will be rapidly solved. 

By using a natural tone of language you will obtain your answers in a way that anyone can understand it, with multiple legal terms incase you need to use them professionally. You can listen to or read he answers and later save, print etc.


The operation of our Bot Júlia is simple and intuitive, in addition to making your query on issues of tax residence in Spain, you can interact with it. For example, you can locate places, familiar characters, explain jokes, even predict your horoscope.

Enjoy it.


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Josep Navarro's picture
Josep Navarro es Licenciado en Económicas por la UB, especializado en Inspecciones Tributarias, con más de 25 años de experiencia en asesoría fiscal para empresas y particulares en España.

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