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News about VAT simplified regime


On 18 of November 2015 Order HAP/2430/2015, of 12 November, was published in the Official State Gazette, setting forth for the year 2016 the objective assessment method for Personal Income Tax and the simplified special regime for Value Added Tax.

This following new features are included:

New general excluding parameters:

* Turnover earned in the previous year exceeding 250,000 euros for the set of economic activities, excluding those relating to agricultural, livestock and forestry activities. All the operations shall be taken into account, irrespective of whether there is a duty to issue an invoice. Operations in which there is a duty to issue an invoice when the recipient is a business owner shall not exceed 125,000 euros.
* Turnover for the set of agricultural, forestry and livestock activities exceeding 250,000 euros.
* Volume of 250,000 euros.

New specific excluding parameters: for road freight transport activities (section 722) and removals services (section 757) the limit decreases from 5 to 4 vehicles any day of the year.

Exclusion of the activitiesincluded in divisions 3, 4 and 5 of the first section of the Economic Activities Tax rate subject to withholding of 1% in 2015.

For Value Added Tax , the amounts of the modules applicable for 2015 are maintained for 2016, as well as the reduction established for activities carried out in Lorca.

For Personal Income Tax :

With exception of the activities included in divisions 3, 4 and 5 of the first section of the Economic Activities Tax rate to which the withholding of 1 percent is applied, as established in article 101.5 d) of the Personal Income Tax Act - mentioned previously -, the other activities subject to inclusion in the objective assessment method of the Personal Income Tax remain, to which, according to each case, the simplified regime, the special regime for agriculture, livestock and fisheries or the surcharge regime equivalent to the Value Added Tax shall be applied.

A reduction of 5 per cent remains for the 2016 fiscal year on the net yield of modules set forth in the thirty-sixth additional provision of the LIRPF.
Similarly, the reduction is maintained on the net yield calculated by the objective assessment method for economic activities carried out in the municipal district of Lorca.
The amount of the modules and indexes of net yield from activities are maintained for 2016. Nonetheless, indexes applicable to potato growing and dairy cattle subject to reduction are modified.

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