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SerapeumSearch the new search engine in tax matters

Serapeum interface

New Tax Search Engine, SerapeumSearch




We present the new search engine Serapeum Expert System with which you can search for information on all news in Spanish taxation as well as changes in regulations.

Start using Serapeum Search today!

The search engine is aesthetically simple. You have the option to filter by "Subject" to specify an area of knowledge and focus your search on the "search" bar. Alternatively you can search directly for the concepts you are interested in using natural language.




Source of Knowledge


The most significant part, without a doubt, is the information that Serapeum Search feeds on. An original information for the most part and professional. The databases are the authors' own articles of content of the web, original fiscal consultations of users and banks of official information. A sum of accessible knowledge.


There are 1,252 original entries on tax issues as of today, week by week this information is being expanded and updated. Authors of content analyze various aspects of taxation without eluding the controversy, the usefulness of the articles is patent in areas such as are: Tax inspections, attending notifications from the Tax Agency, interpreting the rules of the different taxes, etc.


The database is being expanded with queries from Users who have found answers to their own doubts in various aspects. The Tax Advisor, the citizen and the company will find a good source of resources in tax matters totally free of charge.


Finally, at the bottom of each article we will find all the news related to it that will allow you to have the full picture of the information you need to know. The normative change is constant and to have references on the matter is fundamental...



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Josep Navarro es Licenciado en Económicas por la UB, especializado en Inspecciones Tributarias, con más de 25 años de experiencia en asesoría fiscal para empresas y particulares en España.