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Spanish Tax: Statement of movements Payment Systems S-1

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Spanish Tax: Statement of movements Payment Systems S-1


They are required to submit this model , the natural or legal persons of private nature , acting by itself or through third parties , with amonut movements made with the following payment methods :

1.-get or entry money into national territory, banknotes and bank bearer checks, denominated in local currency or any other currency or any physical means , including electronic , designed to be used as payment for an amount equal to or greater 10,000 euros per person per journey .

2.- ...... It shall apply to registered checks. The reference to electronic payment does not include registered credit or debit cards . Whenever duly prove their status , are not required to file the regulated entities referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 2 of the Rules of the Law 19/ 1993 of 28 December on certain measures to prevent the laundering concern capital for movements directly related to their professional or business


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