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If you are leaving the European Union and you meet the following requirements, you can request a VAT refund for goods purchased in Spain.



The refund can only be requested by travellers. A traveller is a person whose domicile or habitual residence is not situated within the European Union.


The VAT can only be requested for goods bought for nonbusiness purposes or for goods of non commercial nature. The total value of the goods must exceed 90.15 Euros (VAT included) per invoice.



The VAT refund can be requested at the latest by the end of the third month after the date of purchase.



1. Before checking your luggage, go personally to the customs office. There you have to present: - Your passport/ ID card - Purchase invoices with the VAT (receipts are not admitted, only invoices) - The goods for which the VAT refund is requested - Your boarding pass or the airline ticket with your travel itinerary After all the criteria have been checked, the invoices will be stamped. If you are flying outside the European Union with a stopover at another airport within the European Union, you must comply with the VAT formalities regarding goods contained in your hand luggage at the airport of transit.

2. In order to obtain the refund, send the invoices stamped by the customs authorities to your supplier who will then refund the VAT. You can also obtain the refund directly from the collaborating companies located in the boarding area. 

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Josep Navarro es Licenciado en Económicas por la UB, especializado en Inspecciones Tributarias, con más de 25 años de experiencia en asesoría fiscal para empresas y particulares en España.